Our CV Axle Systems

The Driveshaft Shop CV Axle Level Rating System

Level 0 CV Axles no HP Rating

This is a new axle designed and made for basic swaps and is an alternative to cheap rebuilds. This is not a racing axle in any way, shape, or form. We offer this axle so you can complete your swap on a budget and purchase the correct racing axles at a later date.

Level 2 CV Axles 400 HP (Forced Induction | 6-month warranty)

Our level 2 axles are designed to handle up to 400WHP where noted (see listings). They are great for street cars that will see some track time. It can be made into a road race or rally axles for a minimal charge.

Level 2.9 CV Axles 475 HP (1-year warranty)

In our ongoing quest for the perfect axle, we have hit the mark with our new Level 2.9 axle. These axles have been designed with the fast street car and all motor drag cars in mind. Designed to handle 475WHP these axles are made for any swap configuration and have one of the wildest heat treats known to man. This axle is a direct bolt-on and will take the power you want to push into them.  It can be made into a road race or rally axles for a minimal charge.

Level 3 CV Axle/Hub System from 500 to 550 HP (1-year warranty)

The Level 3 systems are made for the streetcar that is a bit on the wild side. These Axle/Hub systems have been specifically designed for each platform and will handle anything from Drag racing to Rally. It can be made into road races or rally axles for a minimal charge.

Level 3.9 CV Axle/Hub Systems 600 HP Honda/Acura platform only (1-year warranty)

This axle system is made and designed for the real fast street car or drag car with up to 600HP. This was previously a Level 5 system (2005 and older) and we have brought it out of retirement due to the fact a 600HP street car is now a common occurrence.

Level 5 CV Axle/Hub Systems from 750 to 900 HP where noted (1-year warranty)

The Drive Shaft Shop Level 5 systems have become a standard in the industry for drag racing excellence. They have received widespread recognition for being able to stand the test of time with their sturdy build quality and brutal strength ability. When you’re racing for the win this is the system for you.

Level 5.9 CV Axle/Hub System

The Level 5.9 Honda/Acura axle system has become the industry standard for high horsepower street and drag cars all over the world and has been part of more record-setting runs than any other axle on the market. Now featuring our specially polished spline plug and new high-grade aircraft quality axle bars that are tapered in the centre to allow more torsional twist and relieve some of the stress on the differential splines. These axles are made to withstand massive amounts of horsepower while remaining completely street legal.  Rated to 850HP with a 1-year warranty.

Pro-Level CV Axle/Hub System

The Pro-Level Honda/Acura systems are made to withstand the demands of the highest horsepower drag cars and can currently be found in the fastest FWD Honda’s to date. Our Honda/Acura Pro-Level kit is a full drivetrain system that includes both axles, featuring our Porsche-style 108mm inner CV joints, our signature 33 spline outer CV’s, and larger hubs to accommodate them.

The most significant part of the Pro-Level System is changing the standard 27 spline differential spline to our 40% larger 28 spline spool, or 28 splines Limited-Slip Differential, and intermediate bar. And if you already have a set of our Level 5.9 axles, they can now be upgraded to Pro-Level axles for much less than purchasing a new set. This is a drag race-only application made to withstand over 1000WHP.

The Pro-Level systems are also available for the Mustang Cobra, Mazda RX-7, Mitsubishi Evo, Nissan 350Z and GT-R, Subaru WRX STi, Toyota Supra, and others. These systems are all designed to withstand over 1000WHP at the track but are still street legal enough to drive back home afterward.

CV Axle Bar Upgrades

The Driveshaft Shop Axle Bar Upgrades are designed as a less expensive alternative to complete axles for certain AWD and RWD applications. These kits use the factory CV joints and come with axle boots, boot clamps, and grease packets. Just disassemble your factory axles and replace the factory axle bars with our heavy-duty Chromoly axle bars.

Road race Upgrade (ask if available for your application)

Standard grease liquefies at 300 degrees Fahrenheit, the high temp grease has a much higher breakdown temp. We have a vented boot that keeps the boot from expanding. The benefits are keeping c.v. temps down, which prolongs axle life and boot life. In road race settings axle failure 9 times out of 10 caused by high temperatures in the C.V.