Custom Applications

Looking to add a custom drivetrain to your ride?

Diff Technics works in close collaboration with The Driveshaft Shop U.S.A. who is a full CNC machine shop that uses the highest quality products to create their Driveshafts/Tailshafts and CV Axles. All of their components are designed and manufactured in house.

They make the parts the parts that no one else does. They also have the knowledge and capability to combine drivetrain parts from different makes and models unlike anyone else.

It’s safe to say that they have created more drivetrain solutions for race use, high performance street, and one-off custom vehicles than any other CV Axles or Driveshaft/Tailshaft manufacturer.

So, if you’re ready to make your dream setup a reality, with the best drivetrain parts available, look no further!

  • See below links for more information and diagrams on how to measure for these parts.
  • When you’re ready, click on the relevant Request for Quote link below, supply us with all the information required and submit your request.
  • Please pick the configuration that matches most closely to your combination.
  • Please allow us 2-3 days to create your quote and send to you for approval.
  • All Custom CV Axles and Custom Driveshafts/Tailshafts building times will be advised at time of quotation.
  • Once our quotation has been approved by you, we will send you an Order Confirmation Invoice for payment.
  • Upon receipt of your payment in full we will place your order with The Driveshaft Shop for production of your custom order to commence.
Feel free to contact us if you require additional help.
Driveshafts/Tailshafts How to MeasureCustom Driveshaft/Tailshaft RFQ FormCV Axles How to MeasureCustom CV Axles RFQ Form
****Custom CV Axle and Driveshaft/Tailshaft Quotes are created on an individual basis.
We take all of the information you provide into account to create a quote based on your specific needs. This takes some time, and we may need to contact you for additional information or specifics before we can finalize it for you. Please allow us 2-3 days to create your quote and send it to you for approval. ****

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