How can I make sure I am ordering the correct parts?

If you are unsure of the suitability of a product, feel free to get in touch with our team to discuss further. You can reach us via email or send us a message HERE.

Can I change or cancel my order?

If your order has not yet shipped, please contact us via email or send us a message HERE.

Pre-Orders and Custom Orders. Please see our Pre-Order policy HERE.

If you have placed a Custom order, or a Pre-Order and your order has already been processed, we cannot change or cancel your order, please read our Pre-Order Policy HERE.

If your order has already shipped, it cannot be cancelled. View our Returns Policy HERE.

Have Questions about the order you have received?

You can reach our Customer
Service Department via email or send us a message HERE and we
would be happy to help you.

Please supply us with one or
more of the following order details:

  • Invoice Number or Order Number
  • Part(s) ordered
  • Name and address order was placed under
  • Method of Payment

What are my payment options when purchasing online?

We accept payment via MasterCard, Visa, PayPal and Direct Bank Deposit.
The Payment options for your order will be listed for you on the checkout page.

For orders/products above a nominated $ value Direct Bank Deposit will be the only payment option available.

For all international orders we only accept payment via PayPal and Direct Bank Deposit.


Do you offer Click & Collect?

We currently offer Click & Collect / Local Pick Up, for our local customers - more information here.  Simply select the "Local Pick Up" option at checkout.

How long will it take to ship my order?

We make every effort to ship orders as soon as possible. 

However, delays can occur near major holidays.

How much is shipping?

Shipping rates are calculated on the "Check Out" page, enter your address details and the shipping option and the calculated shipping rates will be generated.  In the case shipping rates are not generated, contact us via email or send us a message HERE.

Do you ship internationally?

We are not currently offering international shipping rates on our website.  Please contact us via email or send us a message HERE with information on the products you are interested in, and we can send you quotes on Shipping Rates for your order.
International delivery times, and ETA, will be advised to you when we send you the quotation of the Shipping Rates.
For International Shipping – Please note additional customs fees and duties may be applied upon delivery.  You will be liable to pay your country’s applicable Import/Duty Taxes on receipt of your package. 


What is your Return Policy?

View our Return Policy HERE

Do parts come with Warranty?

Warranties differ between brands. If you have queries about the warranty for a particular product please get in touch with us via email or send us a message HERE

Custom Applications

Can I request for a custom build for a Driveshaft/Tailshaft or CV Axles?

Yes, we can arrange to have a Custom Driveshaft/Tailshaft or Custom CV Axles built for you, from the Driveshaft Shop which has a full CNC machine shop that manufacture their own components in-house.

Custom Driveshafts/Tailshafts and Custom CV Axles quotes are created on an individual basis and it may take up to 2-3 business days to provide you with a quote based on the information you provide us.

Build time of your Custom Driveshaft/Tailshaft or Custom CV Axles will be advised at time of quotation.

For more information on Custom Driveshafts/Tailshafts and Custom CV Axles see HERE

How do I measure for a Custom Driveshaft/Tailshaft or CV Axles?

For custom Driveshaft/Tailshaft measurements please follow the link below. We have in-depth diagrams to help you get the perfect fitment. View link to measure.

For custom CV Axles measurements please follow the link below. We have in-depth diagrams to help you get the perfect fitment.  View link to measure.

How can I order a Custom Driveshaft/Tailshaft or CV Axle?

Firstly read up on our "How to Measure" Guides

How to Measure for Custom Driveshaft/Tailshaft HERE

How to Measure for Custom CV Axles HERE

When you’re ready, click on the relevant Request for Quote link below, supply us with all the information required and submit your request for a quotation.

Custom Driveshaft/Tailshaft Request for Quote Form HERE

Custom CV Axles Request for Quote HERE

Please allow us 2-3 days to create your quote and send to you for approval.

Production/Build time will be advised on your quotation.

Once our quotation has been approved by you, we will send you an Order Confirmation Invoice for payment.

Upon receipt of your payment in full we will place your order with The Driveshaft Shop for production to commence.

Product Info

How much horsepower are the DriveshaftShop Driveshafts/Tailshafts and CV Axles rated for?

We offer different levels of Driveshafts/Tailshafts and CV Axles from the DriveShaft Shop.  If you do not see products on our website that meet your specifications, or if you would like more information, please contact us via email or send us a message HERE

Can I send my Driveshaft/Tailshaft or CV Axle to Diff Technics to be looked at or re-balanced?

If you experience any issues with your parts please contact us via email or send us a message HERE and one of our experts will assist you for troubleshooting and problem solving. 

In the case it is required for your item to be sent back to us, you will be given an RMA number.  We do not accept any returns without an RMA number.

Do you have installation instructions for your Driveshafts/Tailshafts and CV Axles?

Many of the DriveShaft Shop Driveshafts/Tailshafts and CV Axles we offer will install almost exactly the same as the OEM parts.  The parts that are more in-depth and complicated to install will come with instructions that you can follow.

Why do the DriveShaft Shop CV Axles look different to my stock ones?

The CV Axles manufactured by The Driveshaft Shop are a different configuration than stock CV Axles. They use different types of CVs that have varying amounts of extension and compression over the OEM, and many times a “relaxed” visual comparison (laying them on the ground side by side) may make the new DSS CV Axles look longer or shorter than the OEM.

The inner CV or Stub on my CV Axle seems to be too long and is sticking out of the transmission or differential.

The inner CV housing on many of the DSS CV Axles does not go all the way against the transmission like the stock CV. Their CV Axles use a 2-piece inner CV spline design where the spline portion is made from a different material and heat treat specification for increased strength, then it is mated to a female CV housing. In order to achieve proper engagement to increase strength, the portion of the CV housing where the seal rides are longer, and the housing does not mate up against the differential as the stock ones do. Typically, as long as the inner is locked into the differential and can’t be pulled back out by hand, it is fully seated.

How do I order a replacement Boot for my CV Axles?

We have replacement boot kits available upon request, and they include clamps and grease. Please take a look at the boot and send us the number stamped into the rubber, or send a picture of it to us via email, so we can get you the right one. 

What are the torque specifications for the hardware provided?

All of the DriveShaft Shop products we offer, come with a detailed torque specification sheet.

What are the Benefits of using a Carbon Fibre Driveshaft/Tailshaft?

View the Benefits of Carbon Fibre HERE

What are Harmonics?

View our Harmonics document HERE