What are Harmonics?

The OEM Driveshaft/Tailshaft for your vehicle is designed primarily to reduce NVH levels and keep harmonic transfer from presenting itself. Most OEM Driveshafts/Tailshafts are a 2-piece design using a hanger bearing in the centre. These types are typically internally dampened and many times are mounted with rubber guibo coupler as well.

These OEM Driveshaft/Tailshaft manufacturing methods are used to reduce noise and harmonic vibrations so they are not noticed by the occupants of the vehicle. OEM Driveshafts/Tailshafts are generally very heavy parts that are designed only for stock power levels. These are not in any way designed to handle uprated horsepower or to withstand high performance or racing use.

When you get rid of the stock Driveshaft/Tailshaft assembly for a high performance 1-piece Driveshaft/Tailshaft, you are also removing components that are solely designed to help dampen harmonics. For the majority of applications the only change is increased performance and a stronger Driveshaft/Tailshaft, however, there are other factors that can have a direct effect on how well the Driveshaft/Tailshaft will perform.

Changing to solid or polyurethane mounts at the transmission or differential can create increased transfer of harmonic frequency throughout the drivetrain. The OEM mounting points are also designed to dampen harmonics from amplifying into the car, so when you eliminate these points of dissipation the harmonics will find the least path of resistance, which in this case would be the hollow Driveshaft/Tailshaft tube.

We would recommend changing any transmission or differential mounts that have been changed back to either stock, or a more pliable material to see if this resolves the issue.

If you continue to have an issue and would like to send a Driveshaft/Tailshaft to us, to be checked, please contact us HERE and we will send you an RMA number, which requires to be written clearly on the shipping box.

NOTE:  Any goods returned to our warehouse which do not have an RMA Number cannot be processed.