Eaton Detroit Truetrac® GM 8.875" 12 Bolt Car 33 Spline 3.08 - 3.90

Eaton Detroit Truetrac® GM 8.875" 12 Bolt Car 33 Spline 3.08 - 3.90

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Suits GM 8.875 in. 12 Bolt; 33 Spline; 3.08 - 3.90; 33 Spline units for this application are designed to fit axles cut with 45-degree pressure angles.

The Detroit Truetrac® is manufactured by Eaton.

Vehicle Applications:

Custom/Performance Vehicle Upgraded to 33 Spline Axle ONLY


Suits Chrysler 8.875"/ 33 Spline Axle
Gear Ratio: 3.08 - 3.90
33 Spline units for this application are designed to fit axles cut with 45-degree pressure angles
The Detroit TrueTrac is manufactured by Eaton

Additional Information:

Improved traction relative to other rear wheel and four wheel drive vehicles
Maintenance free - requires no special lubrication or friction modifiers
Lifetime torque bias retention
Simple, proven design
Smooth and quiet operation
Limits wheel spin-out and improves handling
Performs open, until needed


The Truetrac is the leading helical gear-type limited slip differential in the industry.

Eaton has a proven track record of producing the most effective and dependable traction differentials in the world. Truetrac's patented design of parallel axis, planetary helical gears, provides a smooth and quiet, automatic division of torque. Power transfer is so smooth, it literally goes unnoticed by the driver - even in front wheel drive axles. Because of Truetrac's smooth operation there is no affect on braking characteristics or fuel consumption.

Under normal driving conditions, Truetrac performs like an open differential. On wet, muddy, icy or loose terrain, imbalanced gear forces automatically transfer power to the wheel with the highest traction. The Truetrac limited slip differential responds instantly to torque feedback providing needed traction, anytime, at any speed. Engineered to work efficiently in front and rear axles, semi-floating (C-clip axles) and transfer cases. Proven design, low cost and effective performance, all make the Truetrac limited slip differential the ideal choice for a wide variety of vehicle applications, including emergency vehicles, walk-in vans, motor homes, SUVs, landscape and delivery trucks. Traction Control The Truetrac performs like an open differential under normal conditions, and automatically transfers torque to the wheel with the highest traction when required. The Truetrac can transfer up to 3.5 times more torque to the high traction wheel. This torque transfer ratio (called the bias ratio) is accomplished by using helical side gears and pinions. The bias ratio is the result of pressure exerted by the side gears and pinions against the surface of the differential case. In certain applications, this normal gear engagement may produce temporary driver feedback.


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